25 Days of Unconventional Christmas Movies – Day 1


Iron Man 3
‘Tis the season to watch holiday movies. Personally, the more unconventional the better. I consider a Christmas unconventional in the sense that when someone mentions the title you wouldn’t think of it as appropriate for the holidays. Day 1 starts with a newcomer to the  unconventional list, Iron Man 3. As with many movies written by Shane Black the set dressing is indeed Christmas time.

Christmas Lesson
Oddly enough, Iron Man 3 is a modern retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The Ghost of Christmas Past haunts Tony as both Harley and Aldrich Killian. Harley represents his youthful thirst for knowledge he once had whereas Killian represents the errors of his youth. The Ghost of Christmas Present is presented in the form of The Mandarin. He’s the threat that the modern world is afraid of. He even ends up having the personality of the fictional character mostly living in the present. Not thinking about the future whatsoever. The Ghost of Christmas Future appears as the later Extremis version of Killian. He’s the element that shows Tony what could happen if he doesn’t change his ways. He’s forced to imagine what his life will be like without the ones of he loves. The combination of these Ghosts ultimately teaches Tony what life is really about.


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