Doctor Who Diary – Day 20

Day 20 – The Invasion

Characters of Interest

  • Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart

This is the first time we meet the Brigadier as a reoccuring character. The Brigadier (although then he was a Colonel)  appeared in the last Yeti episode “The Web of Fear.” It’s nice to have a character who is part of a national armed forces that is working together with the Doctor. The Brigadier is in charge of UNIT, a military task force that is in charge of mysterious happenings (kind of the original Torchwood).

  • Cybermen
This marks the fourth and final appearance of the Cybermen with the Second Doctor (5th overall appearance). Their attire remains unchanged from the previous recent encounters. I still don’t look at them as much of a threat as I do in the more current run. I’m not sure they will ever look as menacing as I’d like. In this earlier episodes the threat comes more from whoever they are working with and the Cybermen have the feeling as being more of a weapon than anything else.
  • The Invasion

After the Doctor materializes in late 20th-century England he finds that the TARDIS is stuck in an invisible state. He decides to try finding Professor Travers to help him fix it. Travers was the professor from the two previous Yeti adventures. They find out that he has gone to America, but luckily an associate of his, Professor Watkins,  can probably help instead. The first episode of this adventure is one of those missing episodes, but there has been a very good recreation of the episode where it has been animated instead of using production stills. Here is the trailer for the animated episode:

Personally, I thought this was brilliantly done. The animation looks like it’s done by the same studio that animates Archer, but I think that’s part of the charm that I like. What really makes it maybe even more exciting than a normal episode  is that they didn’t just try doing a shot for shot recreation of the missing episode. They instead tried to enhance the episode by actually improving the cinematography. It was quite thrilling which then goes back to the normal look of previous episodes. If they had clean enough dialogue on some of the other episodes I would love to rewatch some of the other missing ones if they were done in this fashion.

I’m starting to see a trend in the show during these early years in regards to the use of computers and the Doctor’s hatred of them. This is a particularly computer heavy episode and the Doctor even says at one point “I hate computers and will not be bullied by them.” The best moment in this adventure is when Zoe comes across an automated receptionist and gives it an unsolvable problem so that it explodes. I’m so glad they must have fixed this self-destruct sequence in modern computers. Can you imagine you’re computer blowing up anytime it came across an error? Computer, what is one divided by zero? (Explosion!)

With the help of the world’s largest electronics company International Electromatics (IE) the Cybermen’s plan include the use of hypnotic components in electronic equipment. The Cybermen then attack when the most of the population of Earth is under their control. The  head of IE has gone through a partial Cybermen conversion, so his body is robotic (although human-like in appearance) and his mind has remained unaltered. He then creates a device that gives emotions to Cybermen that essentially drives them insane (for some inexplicable reason) as a way to turn the tables on the Cybermen.

The Invasion Continuity Facts:

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