Doctor Who Diary – Day 18

Day 18 – The Wheel in Space

This adventure not only marks the end of the fifth season, it also marks the first adventure for a new companion and the return of an old enemy.


  • Zoe Heriot

The Doctor’s 13th Companion

Zoe is another companion that comes to us from the future. The biggest difference that I notice from the experience of one episode is that she is smart. She’s literally an astrophysicist. This is a welcome change actually making one of the companions useful. Besides the men being used for muscle, the companions are usually just spectators who get into trouble wherever they go and constantly call out “Doctor!”. Let’s hope this is a change for the better.

Characters of Interest

  • Cybermen

Pictured here with new companion.

Once again we see the return of the Cybermen. There appearances has remained basically unaltered from the last couple of appearances, so there is not much to say here.

  • Cyberplanner

Brains of the operation.

In this adventure the Cybermen answer to the Cyberplanner. In chronological order of normal time (not wibbly wobbly time) this came before the Cyberman Controller from “Tomb of the Cybermen,” so the most logical conclusion is that the Controller is a later, more portable version of the Cyberplanner.

  • Cybermat

Seen here with “food.”

And with the Cybermen we also see a return of the Cybermat (first seen in “The Tomb of the Cybermen”). In this adventure a scientist sees one and thinks “This would make a good pet.” He keeps it hidden only to find out that they eat bernalium rods (fictional metal) then reports the danger.


I love these fan made “Next Time” trailers.

The adventure starts with the mercury fluid link exploding which is what the Doctor claimed happened back in “The Daleks,” but this time it is actually true. They materialize onto a rocket which is detected by an Earth space station known as The Wheel. Whose primary purpose is to destroy any incoming space objects from colliding with the Earth. Much of the trouble caused in this adventure is due to the man in charge of the Wheel being on a power trip and refusing to listen to other people.

This adventure marks the first use of the pseudonym of John Smith as a name for the Doctor. The Doctor is unconscious in the medical bay and when asked what his name is Jamie comes up with John Smith. At the end of the adventure Zoe, who decides she needs more excitement in her life decides to try stowing away in TARDIS. The Doctor finds her before he even takes off, but decides that she can stay with them anyway. He then connects his brain to a monitor and shows her images of some of the bad things that he has come into contact with in his adventure through time and space. He must have given her this warning, because of the fact that all of these dangerous situations is what drove Victoria to leave.

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