Doctor Who Diary – Day 17

Day 17 – Fury from the Deep


  • Eastern coast of England – Time unknown.


  • Victoria Waterfield (7 Adventures)

In this adventure we say farewell to another female companion. Victoria was another damsel-in-distress character. She doesn’t seem that much different from other ladies such as Polly, Vicki, Dodo, and Barbara. Also, she came from the 1860’s so she also had moments of not understanding technology which also doesn’t help her character. She stays behind after this adventure because she’s tired of always being in danger. She’s actually given some time for a decently dramatic exit.


Right off the bat this adventure marks the first appearance of the sonic screwdriver. It looks like a simple pen light and its first purpose was as an actual screwdriver. Unfortunately, all of the episodes in this adventure are missing, so there is only audio left. Included here is a clip from a later adventure, but that features the same version of our favorite Who gadget.

Easiest cosplay gadget ever.

I’ve noticed in many of these adventures the TARDIS materializes in restricted areas then the inhabitants are surprised when the time travelers show up (or they through them in some sort of cell). I guess this also goes hand in hand with the companions wandering off to get into trouble (I apologize if I’ve med this observation before, but it keeps on happening). I had some trouble wrapping my mind around what actually occurred in this adventure, but this is the best that I got. There is an exorbitant amount of sea foam off the East coast of England, but it also consists of some sort of parasitic seaweed that can control people. Some craziness happens, but the seaweed’s weakness ends up being sound. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Since this is the first introduction of the sonic screwdriver that the Doctor will amplify the power of the screwdriver itself to drive back the seaweed.” I think that would be the answer nowadays, but they end up recording Victoria’s scream and using that as a weapon instead.

“Fury From the Deep” Continuity Facts

  • At the beginning of Episode 1, Victoria mentions that the TARDIS always seems to land on Earth. The previous 24 episodes, as well as the six episodes of Fury from the Deep, were all set on Earth, the longest run of consecutive Earthbound episodes prior to the Third Doctor era.[citation needed]
  • Episode 1 marks the first appearance of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Its initial design is a simple penlight.


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