Doctor Who Diary – Day 16

Day 16 – The Web of Fear


  • August 1966 – London

Characters of Interest

  • Yeti

In this adventure we see the return of an unlikely set of creatures, the Yeti. This is the first reoccurring set of aliens that wasn’t the Daleks or the Cybermen that I’ve noticed. I have the feeling that originally they weren’t planning on bringing them back mostly due to the fact that they called them Yeti. Without the context of the Himalayas the name Yeti is just plain silly. They would have had an actual given name like Blorgons or the like.

  • Professor Travers

With the return of the Yeti we also see the return of Professor Travers from the same episode named “The Abominable Snowmen.” Thirty years have passed from three episodes ago.

  • Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart

In this adventure Stewart is not quite a Brigadier, he’s a Colonel. I probably would not have even listed him, but making sure that my facts are straight I have noticed that we will come into contact with the Brigadier on more than one occasion. This, of course, being the first encounter. He seems like he’ll be the character the Doctor will need if he needs any sort of Armed Forces on his side.



At the beginning of this adventure we find Salamander (the enemy from the previous adventure who looks just like the Doctor) stowed away in the TARDIS. He opens the door in mid flight and gets sucked out into the vortex to be floating around in time and space. This makes me wonder if this is not the last we see of this character. The Yeti, who have remained dormant since their previous adventure have risen again. The Intelligence have also returned and are still in control of the Yeti. When the Intelligence are in control of a single person they whisper just like the Ice Warriors which is an odd choice since those adventures are so close to each other. Lastly, there is a line in this adventure about how it’s funny that they keep landing on Earth. Since the TARDIS has a mind of its own I would say it’s her fault.


“Web of Fear” Continuity Facts

  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart makes his first appearance in this story, with the rank of Colonel. His next appearance is in The Invasion, and from that serial he serves as the central figure of the UNIT organisation.
  • The design of the Yeti is significantly different from those in this story’s predecessor, The Abominable Snowmen. In the first episode, a dormant “Mark I” Yeti – a prop from the earlier story – is reactivated, and a transformation takes place. The Doctor describes the subsequent Yeti as “Mark II”.
  • The Seventh Doctor refers to this adventure in Remembrance of the Daleks, asking Ace if she remembers “the Yeti in the Underground”.
  • The novel The Face of the Enemy by David A. McIntee features a brief look at an alternate version of the Great Intelligence’s invasion here, this version taking place in the alternate reality visited by the Third Doctor in Inferno, with Britain here being aided by the alternate version of the Master.
  • A very brief clip of the TARDIS suspended in space from episode 1 is later included in episode 10 of The War Games in the next season.[1]
  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart mentions the Yeti in the tenth-anniversary story The Three Doctors.


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