Doctor Who Diary – Day 15

Day 15 – The Enemy of the World


– Earth, Near Future

Characters of Interest


Do you notice any similarities?

No, that is not the Doctor it’s a Mexican-born politician who wants to take over the world who just looks like the Doctor. At the beginning of this adventure there are a few characters who seemed to recognize the Doctor. I chalked this up to an instance where we meet some characters that he has met before but we haven’t. Not the case in this matter since the characters then open fire on the Doctor thinking that he is Salamander. Obviously later in the adventure there is a bit of impersonation on the Doctor’s part.


Salamander’s plan consists of an underground civilization of people who think that there was a nuclear war above ground. They create the disasters to help Salamander make it safer above ground, or so they think. They are actually being used to help Salamander gain political control by harming those that are speaking out against him.

“The Enemy of the World” Continuity Facts

– In Episode 2, the Doctor says, ‘disused yeti?’ after mishearing Astrid’s comment about a deserted jetty. This refers to his experience with yeti in the episode, The Abominable Snowmen.[citation needed]

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