Doctor Who Diary – Day 14

Day 14 – The Ice Warriors

This adventure makes two in a row that take place in extremely cold climates and I think mostly due to the fact that the previous one had robots I thought this one was going to be a Cybermen episode. Mostly, that plus I think it had been a few episodes and it felt due time for one.


In the distant future on an Earth that is being overtaken by glaciers, the Doctor and his companions find themselves at a base that is in charge of keeping the glaciers in check. The base would use “ionization” to make the suns rays more powerful and melt the glaciers in certain spots. This adventure marks the first time that the TARDIS does not materialize right side up oddly enough. Due to limited plants there is not enough carbon dioxide in the air and this led to glaciers spreading all of the Earth (apparently CO2 retains the sun’s heat). If anything with fewer plants there would be too much CO2 in the air. (Maybe I’m wrong, but on with the story).

I never imagined them as green, but here we are.

The Ice Warriors whispered when they talk and had some of the most ridiculous hands I’ve seen on an alien in Doctor Who. In the human base there is a computer that the workers asked questions. The humans will not take a course of action unless the computer tells them to first. This causes problems when there is a lose-lose situation put before it. This whole plot point has a certain religious allegory to it with the computer making up a God-like figurehead. Some of the stories in these early season show the dangers of relying heavily on computers and I feel it may be due to the fact that Joe Q. Public was worried about computers taking over their lives. And that’s where the technology illiterate come from. The Doctor himself when asked if he uses a computer responds with “When I have to.” On the other hand I don’t know if I could trust a computer that requires part the input of data through a rotary dial and also that I can barely understand when it speaks.


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