Doctor Who Diary – Day 12

Day 12 – The Tomb of the Cybermen

A couple of years ago I went onto Netflix and tried watching some classic Doctor Who. This was the first episode that I tried and I only made it about 10 minutes. I don’t know about other people, but starting from the beginning makes a huge difference. I feel like part of it is getting use to the style that 1960’s science fiction has to offer. Jumping cold into the middle of a random of a season is tough. Anyway, onto another Cybermen episode.


The Tomb of the Cybermen

Cue slow motion walking and “Little Green Bag”

Seriously, can we stop with the Cybermen. They have appeared 3 times now in 10 adventures. Their appearance is improving each time, but I’d like a little bit of breathing room between episodes. I’m waiting for when they are completely covered in metal and not only about 25%. This is the first time that I’ve noticed that the Doctor mentions his age. At this point he is 450 years old.

A group of archeologists blow open a pair of doors in a mountainside on the planet Telos which contain the last remains of the Cybermen. Of course everyone has to start touching control panels and switches which wakes them up (cue the havoc). In this episode we’re introduced to the Cyberman Controller.

He get’s a special veiny head.

The newer version of  our old friends have a plate in the mouth area that slides open when they talk and closes when they are done. In this particular adventure there is one moment where someone gets picked up by a Cyberman and then the reverse also happens. These events show the low budget of this show at work. You can see the wires when the man gets picked up and the Cyberman who is lifted is obviously a dummy.

Also new in this adventure.

Another first in this episode is that of the Cybermat. Which for fans of the current Doctor Who run may recognize it from Season 6 Episode 12 entitled “Closing Time.” Though they do look a little more menacing in the more current episode.

There are a select few in the exploration party who intend to control the Cybermen (like that plan had any chance). Instead, one of them starts being turned into one (starting with the arm). The best part in this episode is the gender role stereotypes of the women needing to stay where it’s safe. Even though this story takes place in the future it’s nice to know that apparently women’s rights go right down the tube.

“The Tomb of the Cybermen” Continuity Facts

The Doctor returns to Telos in the Sixth Doctor serial Attack of the Cybermen, where he also encounters the Cryons, the original inhabitants of the planet.[1]

The story contains a rare reference to the Doctor’s family. When Victoria doubts he can remember his family because of “being so ancient”, the Doctor says that he can when he really wants to and “the rest of the time they sleep in my mind” because he has “so much else to think about, to remember”. The Doctor also mentions here that he is about 450 years old.

Eleventh Doctor actor Matt Smith has stated that it was watching this serial that inspired his own costume as the Doctor.[2]

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