C2E2 – Day 1

Since my ticket is not marked for the professional hours I was unable to go until after 1:00 PM, but since I do have a weekend pass I was determined go today. I used the limited time I was there as a way to prepare for the remaining days. I was familiarizing myself with the setup that C2E2 had to offer. Since, I’ll be going with more people tomorrow I wanted to be ready for any questions/concerns and to keep everyone’s spirits up. I went through the stores’ booths to see their wares, I chatted with a tattoo artist about the possibility of getting a tattoo, and I made my way through artist alley where I will more than likely buy a print or two as artwork for my apartment (with final say going to my wife, of course) .  I have learned today the do’s and dont’s for tomorrow.  And here they are:

Shuttle Buses

If you are planning on taking the free shuttle bus, make sure that you look up ahead of time where the stops are. In both the arrival and departure I made the mistake of going in the general vicinity and looking for signs (which works in most other occasions, but didn’t work here).



Make sure to bring something to eat or at the very least to snack on and also bring water. There are plenty of places to eat at the convention center, but let’s be honest you are going to want to spend your money on other things. I was only at the con today for a good 3-4 hours and I got thirsty pretty quick. I can’t imagine being there all day long and getting hungry on top of that.


Plan Ahead

Seems like an obvious idea. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the booths, sounds and shiny things that before you know it you’ve missed some of the panels/screenings that you would like to have gone to. For example, I know tomorrow there is a Q & A with Torchwood star John Barrowman at 11:30 AM tomorrow and if we get caught up chatting with the Gorilla Tango burlesque girls (make sure to hang out with them for a bit) we might miss out on an enjoyable experience.


Take a Break

There was a point at the end of the day where I kind of wanted to go do more, but at the same time I was getting burnt out. I know that tomorrow if I don’t make sure to take a break I’m going to want to leave early and not enjoy my remaining time there.


Take Plenty of Picures

I am the worst at this. I planned on tweeting more pics from the con, but I got distracted with all the nerdiness and the crowds. There are so many good cosplayers at this con and I’m lucky that I had a friend that reminded me to take some pictures. I will have a separate post with some of the pictures we took  and I will also put them up on Facebook probably at the end of the weekend. I swear that tomorrow will be better.


For all of you good nerdy Chicagoans, I’ll see you at McCormick.


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