Doctor Who Diary – Day 11

Day 11 – The Evil of the Daleks

This marks the end of season 4. We’ve said goodbye to Ben & Polly in the last episode and unknowingly said hello to a new companion in this one.


– Victoria Waterfield

The Doctor’s 12th Companion

It’s at this point that the Doctor not only has one companion from the past, but now Victoria makes two. It appears that the writers have realized that the companions from less technological eras can’t be asking annoying questions about the most mundane inventions (I’m a little behind on writing so I’m going to jump ahead a little). Only with certain things like trains and planes do they get freaked out a little, but they are well spaced out. Having most of my Doctor Who experience being the current run I keep assuming that the companion count is going to go down to one at some point. Little do I know that his posse runs deep in the early days. Victoria joins because she has been left orphaned at the end of the adventure.


– “The Evil of the Daleks”

Daleks + 1860’s = Adventure

Starting where we left of at the airport from the adventure “The Faceless Ones” the Doctor and Jamie are trying to find out who has taken the TARDIS. It’s been moved under the authority of a J. Smith (John Smith is a pseudonym the Doctor uses in the current series, but it has no connection to him at this time). And much to my surprise (sarcasm) it’s another Dalek adventure. This season has had two appearances from both the Cybermen and the Daleks. With only 9 adventures in the season it seems that every other episode is going to feature one of the two recurring enemies of the Doctor.

What is interesting about this adventure is that it starts in 1966, but the person who stole the TARDIS has a time machine that brings them 100 years into the past. The best part is that the time machine was created in 1866 and they traveled into the future instead of the other way around. Of course the machine was possible due to the use of mirrors and static electricity.And just for fun I want to include the a picture of one of the 1866 scientists named Maxtible.

Love child between Willy Wonka and Santa Claus?

The Dalek’s plan in this adventure is to have the Doctor program the “Human Factor” into Daleks, so that they may become more powerful. There is a line in the show that the Doctor could not be used because he has traveled too much through time and is more than human (still no mention of Gallifrey/Time Lords). So after the Doctor programs three Daleks (named Alpha, Beta, and Omega) there’s a twist. The Daleks actually want to know how to be less human. This adventure does feature the Dalek Emperor and here’s the clip of him being defeated (mostly defeated because the humanized Daleks asked the question “Why?”).

“The Evil of the Daleks” Continuity Facts

  • For the dating of this serial, see the Chronology. The first two parts of Evil take place contemporaneously with Part Four of the First Doctor serial The War Machines.
  • Excluding Earth, the Doctor’s journey to Skaro (via time cabinet) is one of the first times that the Doctor returns to an alien planet visited in a previous story.[1]
  • Mirrors would later be used again to build a time machine in the 2008 episode “Turn Left“.

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