Doctor Who Diary – Day 9

Day 9 – The Macra Terror

I’m not sure if this appeared on an earlier episode, but this is the first time I’ve seen this new introduction starring Patrick Troughton.

I’m not a fan of the close up face coming right at you and then mysteriously melting away. The music will always make it worth it thought.


– The Macra Terror

The clip below actually shows the end of the previous episode and how we are introduced to the new adventure.

Since all of the episodes are missing and all that survives are a few clips this episode isn’t quite as scary as I’m sure it’s supposed to be. Granted the aliens that star in it are basically large lobsters, so I don’t know how a 1960’s audience might respond. The plot of this episode is quite good. It’s another society where everything seems perfect on the surface, but there is something amiss (shocking). The lobster-like Macra are the overlords of this civilization using a picture/voice of a man known only as “The Controller” as their figurehead. Some of the people are working as slaves mining a precious gas that the Macra need to exist. The Doctor blows their cover and then they are on their way to the next adventure.

You don’t get to see this on TV nowadays.

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