Top 5 Nerdy Easter Movies

A young man, different from all others. Ancient prophecies. Miraculous feats. Sacrificing himself to his enemies. Rebirth, resurrection, return. These are some of the events that occur in the Easter story and can also be found in this list of “nerdy Easter movies.”

5. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

We start our list with a movie about returning to this mortal coil from the underworld. Since a good chunk of this film is about Bill & Ted trying to make their way back to the land of living I’ve included it here.

4. Zombieland

Let’s face it Jesus is the original zombie. How else would you label a person that dies and comes back to life? In honor of this fact I might suggest watching Zombieland.

3. Alien: Resurrection

It may not be the greatest Alien movie in the franchise, but it keeps up with the theme of resurrection. Ripley can be seen as a Christ figure in Alien 3, but she is resurrected in this installation. If you’ve got the time watch them both.

2. Robocop

Officer Murphy is shot in the hand, the side, and finally the head in the beginning of this movie (do you see the similarities to Christ?) that leads to his resurrection as Robocop. In this new form, Murphy comes to the city of Detroit to pull it out of the Hell that it has become.

1. The Matrix

Frankly, I won’t even bother explaining this one, but for your own sake just watch the first one for this holy day.

Sorry for those who may think that my choices may be a bit sacrilegious, but the story of Christ makes for an interesting starting point in a lot of popular culture. Deal with it.


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