Doctor Who Diary – Day 8

Day 8 – The Moonbase

I can feel the toll that these episodes are taking. It’s getting a little harder to watch a decent number of episodes. I just need to get to Season 6 and it will get a lost easier, since most of the episodes won’t be missing, but if I were to jump ahead I would miss some lovely moments like how the evolution of the Cybermen (coming up).


From one episode to the next we go from the lost city of Atlantis to the moon. Not too many other shows can pull that off. It’s the year 2070 and this marks the second Cybermen appearance on the show.

Another fan trailer (biggerbaddaddy)

Believe me when I tell you these fan trailers make the episodes look much more exciting then they actually are. Obviously the show is going to be slower paced than the trailer makes it seem. The time travelers have landed right outside of a Moonbase (hence the title) which houses a weather controlling device (essentially a gravity manipulator named the Gravitron). A mysterious disease has appeared previous to the arrival and the Doctor’s companion, Jamie, has been afflicted. We find out that the Cybermen are behind this illness in an attempt to convert the inhabitants to their mechanical race.

Looking more menacing.

When it comes to appearance the look is becoming more robotic and less 5-yr old with a colander on his head and washboard on his chest. The helmets are finally fully metal (previously shiny fabric) which helps me take them more serious and the voice is more intelligible than the first appearance (as you can hear in the video clip above). The only thing that bothers me still is that from the waist down they just have shiny pants/boots on and this doesn’t give the impression of an android at all. I know that this will be improved upon.

The Cybermen wanted to use the weather controlling device on the moon to destroy all of the people on Earth, so that they could have it all to themselves. This adventure was one of the first instances (since there are missing episodes I can’t be definitive) where there were on screen special effects like rays actually coming out of guns. My favorite part of the adventure is the fact that in order to defeat the Cybermen, the Doctor uses the Gravitron to fling those walking on the moon into space. It was kind of silly looking, but made perfect sense at the same time.

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