This Week in Geek Movies – March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012
With the juggernaut that is The Hunger Games there isn’t going to be another major blockbuster until The Avengers comes out in May. If you’re still looking to go to the theaters there are still plenty of good options coming out this week.
Rotten Tomatoes – 43% Critics/93% Fans (Want to see it)
Rated PG-13
Pick of the week.
Not my kind of film, but it’s the best looking one coming out this week. I did watch The Clash of the Titans and I remember enjoying it. Apparently, I can’t tell you too much more than that. Wrath looks like it’s outdone its predecessor and is the perfect popcorn, action movie.
Rotten Tomatoes – 71% Critics/89% Fans (Want to see it)
Rated PG
Personally, I’d rather wait for Snow White and the Huntsman, but if you’re going to the theaters with a child or two this would be the one to see. It looks like the film had a good premise, but then tried too hard to make it appealing to children. When will filmmakers take a note from Pixar? You can make a child friendly movie that adults will enjoy too.
Worst Line in the Trailer – “Snow way”
The Goon
Rotten Tomatoes – 79% Critics/82% Fans (Want to see it)
Rated R
What is the best part of any hockey game? The fights. How about a movie that puts more emphasis on the fighting and less on the game itself. Now that’s a movie I want to see. I put off even watching the trailer, because if I’m going to watch a movie with “Goon” in the title it better start with a “The” and have slackjaws in it (possibly a knife to the eye). I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looks like a good time. On a side note, I don’t think I’ve seen so many punches in the face in one trailer.

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