Doctor Who Diary – Day 3

Day 3 – The Celestial Toymaker/The Gunfighters

Today nothing of real significance happened during the two adventures I watched. The Doctor is still played by William Hartnell and there were no changes in companions. Even the adventures were pretty meh.


After the TARDIS materializes the Doctor has a bought of sneezes and becomes invisible/intangible. The companions can still hear him though, so they decide to leave the TARDIS to figure out the cause of the Doctor’s problem.  Upon exiting they run into the Celestial Toymaker (who inexplicably has God-like powers), who the Doctor has already had a run in with. The Celestial Toymaker makes the TARDIS disappears and forces everyone to play a game with him.

Celestial Toymaker played by the British Leonard Nimoy.

The Doctor is forced to play a “trilogic” game which looks like the Lucas Tower from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but has three sets of pegs and many more pieces. He has to solve the game in the least amount of moves possible before his companions finish their games.

The companions (Steven and Dodo) have four different rooms (one per episode) that all have riddles to them. I won’t go through the rooms, because they weren’t terribly thrilling. If you are extremely curious there are plenty of episode breakdowns elsewhere. What does end up happening is that their opponents are the Toymaker’s dolls who tend to cheat and change the rules mid-game. Obviously the companions win and so does the Doctor, but since the Toymaker lost his whole world was destroyed as our time traveling group narrowly escapes.

The TARDIS then lands in Tombstone, Arizona obviously during the Wild West era. We are then introduced to what the British think Western accents sound like (quite hilarious though I’m sure they laugh at the opposite). Once again, this is one of those episodes that doesn’t feel like Sci-Fi and I’d say barely passes as a Western. I did enjoy Steven trying to dress for the time period and fitting in as much as Marty McFly in Back to the Future III.

What a shiny shirt Steven has!

I have better hopes for tomorrow since I’ll be finishing up Season 3.

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