Doctor Who Diary – Day 2

Day 2 – The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve/The Ark

I was able to watch “The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve” and “The Ark.” Here’s the important events that occurred.


– Dodo Chaplet

The Doctor’s 8th companion

After the recent loss of two different companions in the same adventure the Doctor picks up a companion that is very similar to that of his granddaughter, Susan. He even mentions the fact when she shows up. I may be reading into this too much, but it appears that the Doctor has been trying to fill the hole that his granddaughter left. I think that he regrets leaving her behind since all of the girls he travels with he refers to as “My child.” Dodo is much more youthful and precocious than many of the other companions lately. For example, right before her first adventure she goes into the Doctor’s wardrobe and wears an outfit that would be more suited for the Crusades.


“The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve” was not one of my favorite adventures. It took place in 16th century France and the bulk of the adventure followed Steven trying to find the Doctor. I don’t mind the episodes that take place in Earth’s past if there is an interesting science fiction component to them (i.e. running into another Time Lord in “The Time Meddler). “The Massacre” was a little to straight forward historical reenactment for me, especially considering that I’m not exactly familiar with the story to begin with. The only part of interest for me was in the last episode when the TARDIS materializes in 1960’s England (big surprise) and they pick up Dodo. Steven is angry with the Doctor after their last adventure and he storms out, leaving the doors wide open. It’s at this point that the Doctor has a monologue about how he wishes he could return to his home planet, but is unable to. It makes me happy to see the continuity that continues on almost 50 years later. Dodo enters through the open doors and starts talking to the Doctor. Steven returns quickly saying that there are police officers on their way into the box. They leave in a hurry with Dodo still inside.

The TARDIS then materializes on a ship in the year 10,000,000 AD on its way to the planet Refusis II. The Earth is about to be destroyed by the expanding sun and the ship houses what is left of the planet (hence the title “The Ark”). Humanity is sharing the ship with an alien species known as the Monoids whose own planet has been destroyed. The Monoids look like muppets with bad wigs and eyes in their mouths.

Complete with obvious zippers down their backs.

Dodo brings a cold onto the ship which has not been seen for centuries, so no one on the ship has any immunity to it. The Doctor finds a cure and he leaves with his companions. The TARDIS then rematerializes back on the same ship 700 years later where the Monoids have enslaved the human race. The ship has arrived at their destination of Refusis II and they meet the  inhabitants known as the Refusians. This particular species has been rendered invisible by solar flares (don’t know how that works and there is no further explanation given). The Doctor and his companions help overthrow the reigning Monoids and the remaining travelers share the planet of Refusis II peacefully.

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