Doctor Who – Helping Current Fans with the Classics – Season 3ish

This is the last of my quick catch up posts on what has happened so far in classic Doctor Who. Obviously there will be spoilers. I have started season 3, but I’ve only seen up to the adventure “The Daleks’ Master Plan.” This is a 12-part story line, so I figured this is a good place to start my Doctor Who viewing diary. Well…on with the show.

The Doctor

Still played by William Hartnell

Nothing much to report in this department. The current incarnation of the Doctor is still William Hartnell and his performance of the character has seen no change from season 2. Therefore, I will not waste time in this department.


– Vicki (10 adventures)

Another companion leaving for love (not with the creature above)

I have taken a small break from watching at the exact point when Vicki has left the show. The crew has traveled back to the Trojan War where Vicki has adopted the name Cressida. She then falls in love with a young Trojan named Troilus. This is another fine example of the Doctor and his companions being responsible for parts of our history. Cressida and Troilus have been used in the retelling of the myth of the Trojan War. For those keeping score Vicki started her travels in the TARDIS from the future and ends up in the past.

– Katarina

The Doctor’s 6th companion

Introduced in the story “The Myth Makers,” Katarina is introduced as a hand maiden to the prophetess Cassandra. I really didn’t take notice of Katarina until the last episode of the adventure where she helps Steven back into the TARDIS after being injured. Where I’ve left off Katarina has just currently become a companion. She is obviously Vicki’s replacement.

– Steven

Got it right on the first try this time.

Steven’s character is still pretty straight forward as the leading male type. He does appear to not be the victor in all his confrontations on these adventures, but that could be due to his foolishly brave decisions. He did get captures by a race of Amazonian-like women and was imprisoned by the Trojans in the time span of two adventures.


Since there are only 3 adventures so far I’ll keep it short. Sticking with the old pattern of alien planet/Earth’s past we visit the planet Drahva and then immediately into the Trojan War. The interesting part about the adventure on Drahva is that the humanoids known as Drahvans appeared to be the “good guys” mostly because they are made up of attractive women.

The sexy Drahvins

We later find out the opposing force known as the Rill (a grotesque looking alien race) is actually who the Doctor should be helping. The great part is the second-guessing of who the good guys are that keeps going on while the plot unfolds.

The Rill

The Trojan War adventure added onto the normal time traveling shenanigans from season 1. I’ve already mentioned Vicki’s place in history, but the Doctor also gives the idea for the Trojan horse. Initially the Doctor thought the horse was probably just a bit of fiction that Homer came up with.

Lastly, there is one unique episode that has appeared so far in this season named “Mission to the Unknown,” but also known as “The Dalek Cutaway.” This was a one episode adventure that sets up the 12-part “Daleks’ Master Plan” epic that obviously stars the Daleks. The weird part is that it’s the only episode that doesn’t include the Doctor or any of his companions. For others wanting to watch these classic episodes be warned that season 3, 4, and 5 are all mostly gone. I’m going to watch the recreations that include the audio from the show with production stills. All in all I think I’m ready for the journey.


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