C2E2 Scavenger Hunt 2012

The Scavenger Hunt

When I made the decision start this blog it was partly due to my own wants to experience more of Chicago’s nerdy side, but also to maybe to help other Chicago’s other nerds with what is going on around the city. Now in saying that I partook in an adventure on Saturday. For St. Patrick’s Day C2E2 held a citywide scavenger hunt where the prizes were free weekend tickets to the convention itself. Since I had no intentions of day drinking I thought why not spend a wonderfully sunny Chicago day feeling like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure.

Luckily I didn’t need a torch.

The Research

The rules of the hunt were at 9:00 am on the C2E2’s website there was a “map” and a set of clues. The 17 clues led you to a set of locations (some were blatant addresses and others were more mysterious). The clues also had you look for something whether it be a word, a name, or an object. Once you had these keywords the clues told we which letters you needed to write on the map. The map had boxes you put the letters in and once the letters were in order it would spell out the secret phrase.  So at 9:00 am I had been awake for awhile and was prepared with pen and notebook for what was coming. When i obtained the clues I started Googling as fast as I could. I found exact addresses for all the locations and the best way to get there on the CTA. There were a few of the clues where I had to call a friend to see if they could help me figure out where the clues were supposed to be leading me. I had to finish a few morning errands before I was ready to set out on my adventure.

My hunting grounds.

The Adventure

The hunt itself was pretty well spaced out. I started up by the Belmont Red Line area made my way south hitting another clue every 4 blocks or so. Then after I made it to the Lincoln Park Zoo I headed to Old Town to visit the arches and then it was at this point that I really hit a bunch of the Chicago more touristy spots. I’m talking about the Water Tower, the Art Institute, Willis Tower, and the Bean. I ran into a few hiccups on this hunt. The first occurring  when I went to Willis Tower and I had to wait in a line just to go down to where they sell the tickets to go to the Skydeck. The clue was written amongst the facts about the Willis Tower in this lower level. My second complication happened when I got to the Bean and there was security all around. The park was closed until further notice and to find my clue  I was supposed to look into the reflection of the bean. Needless to say I figured them out and made my way to the next clue.

My shiny nemesis.

I hand concluded the hunt and made it to the final meeting place at 3:45 pm. A good 15 minutes before the 4:00 pm deadline. I felt bad for the ladies that were handing out the tickets, because I showed up early. But after walking around the city for a good 5 hours or so I didn’t feel like trying to waste time in a nearby location.

All in all it was a great use of a beautiful Saturday. I ended up with my weekend passes for the convention and had some fun while was doing it. Not to mention the fact I was able to participate in some good, old-fashioned, nerdy, Chicago event. This next month will not go fast enough until C2E2. Thanks again to all my friends who helped me out.

For those of you interested in C2E2, it will be help at the North Building at McCormick Place from April 13-15. For more information go to www.c2e2.com.


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