Nerdy Valentine’s Day Movies

Many people have negative opinions about Valentine’s Day. Some are ones that are even in relationships. I find that they are looking at this holiday in the wrong light. They see it as a holiday that was created by greeting card companies to sell blah blah blah. I see this day as a time to celebrate the relationships (romantic and otherwise) that I have in my life and remembering those who love and care about you. So on Valentine’s Day get together with these loved ones and watch a nerdy movie. This list consists of nerdy movies that would be great to watch on this day.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is the epitome of a nerdy Valentine’s Day movie. It’s about a guy liking this girl. The only problem is that he has to defeat her seven evil exes in order to be with her. This movie is fast paced, full of classic video game references, and hilarious. It’s everything I want out of a movie for a day about love and frankly every other day of the week.

2 . Wall-E

Robots in love? This is one of the most romantic films I’ve ever seen and the lead characters are not even human. What I find most endearing about his movie is that fact that all Wall-E wants to do is hold a girl’s hand. The most simplistic things that most of us take for granted  mean the world to others. Tell me there isn’t at least a couple of times in the movie where you tear up. If you don’t then you don’t have a heart and shouldn’t be watching any of these movies anyway.

3. Back to the Future

Neglecting the fact that the lead character’s mother is trying to get with him for a good portion of this film, it still has romance. A good section of this story is a boy trying to make sure his parents fall in love. This movie is classic in every sense and if you haven’t seen it then I pity you.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A little more dramatic than the previous movies, but still science-fiction. With the awe inspiring visuals and mind bending story this little gem is amazing. The story follows Joel, who has hired a company to remove all of his memories about his ex-girlfriend Clementine because she had already had the procedure done. As the memories fade he starts to regret it and hold on to what he can.

5. Fifth Element

I know I’ve written about this movie somewhat recently, but it fits right in here also. The premise can get a bit confusing, but this is the basic idea. An ancient evil is trying to end all life as we know it. Our only savior is a girl named Leeloo. Through fate she runs into Corben Dallas (Bruce Willis as a heroic guy down on his luck. Go figure.) who has to help her defeat the evil. It’s fun, fast, and as action-packed as a Bruce Willis movie should be.

Honorable Mention

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Though this is technically not a movie (with a running time of 42 min.)  it is still a great watch for Valentine’s Day. Dr. Horrible, who is an aspiring super-villain with his own video blog, is trying to make it into the big leagues. Along the way he tries to get with his crush while trying to commit crime in this hilarious, musical mini-series.

Bro’s Night

Love doesn’t need to be romantic, that’s why there are such a thing as bromances. Here are a few buddy movies that will celebrate the friendships you have.

Shaun of the Dead

Two best friends trying to survive when a zombie apocalypse breaks out in England. I realize that this movie does have a romance element to it, but I think that it celebrates the friendship of the two lead characters more so. Even though this is the second Edgar Wright film listed, Hot Fuzz comes in a close third.

Star Trek

This film shows the start to one of the strongest friendships in the sci-fi genre. Even if you are not familiar with Star Trek in the slightest you can enjoy this film. I know some hard core fans have knocked this movie, but I found it thrilling, action-packed and the best Star Trek movie I’ve seen.

Girl’s Night

When it comes to movies for the ladies it’s a little harder to find nerdy movies that celebrate women’s relationships with each other. The obvious choice for a movie in this heading would be Bridesmaids, but that would not fit with the rest of the list. Instead, I have a few movies that will celebrate the strength that women can gain from each other (even though they usually end up beating up guys).

Sucker Punch

This movie plays with the line between reality and fantasy as a young girl named Babydoll tries to escape a mental asylum with the assistance of some of the other patients. This movie isn’t the greatest when it comes to plot, but it more than makes up for it with action and visuals.

Death Proof

This one might be a stretch not being a comic book or science fiction movie, but I find nerds enjoy Tarantino. A man is killing people with his car and he messes with the wrong bunch of girls. This movie fits in as an exploitation film, so it may not be for everybody. The story can move a little slow at times and be very dialogue heavy (it is Tarantino after all), but the chase scenes in the movie make up for it.

So get together with your loved ones, watch a movie or too and be thankful that you have each other.


One thought on “Nerdy Valentine’s Day Movies

  1. Excellent, excellent choices (although I am the only person I know who’s not keen on Back To The Future, but only because it scared the life out of me as a child and I haven’t watched it since) – Scott Pilgrim is one of my all time favourite films, so you’ve already got me hooked there. Wall-E is a perfect romantic choice (with the necessary nerdy twist, of course)… It sure beats The Notebook for Valentine-y originality!

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