Immersing Myself in Star Trek

Growing up I was always a fan of “Star Wars.” As a youngster I felt like there is a war between “Star Wars” fans and “Star Trek” fans. You either watched one or the other and I had chosen my side. Looking back I realize that the only reason I watched “Star Wars” as much as I did solely due to the fact that I had the trilogy recorded off TV onto a couple of VHS tapes. What I loved was that they were located on random tapes, often with other movies or TV shows and of course complete with commercials. I grew up in a very rural area and didn’t have any channels that aired “Star Trek.”

Now with many more possibilities to patch the holes in my nerdiness I find one of my biggest ones being the lack of “Star Trek” that I’ve watched. My wife’s family have been big “Next Generation” fans and so I have watched a few random episodes. Once I noticed that Netflix was carrying all the old TV shows I decided to star watching the original series from the beginning. I’m only a few episodes in at the moment, but I definitely see why people enjoy it so much. In regards to the original series there appears to be many episodes that deal with moral issues. Many of the episodes so far have to deal with beings that are much more powerful than the crew of the Enterprise. More often than not the Enterprise will be in a position to kill the being before they do any more damage.

Now mind you I’m not that far into the journey that is “Trek,” but these kind of issues don’t seem to appear in “Wars.” On the other hand “Wars” has much more exciting action sequences. Nothing really tops pretending that your a Jedi with your very own lightsaber. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. I’ll post again once I have finished “The Original Series.”

Before I decided to do any of this I had obviously watched the current “Star Trek” movie. My wife and I watched the movie this weekend again and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. The first couple times I watched it I had pretty rudimentary background knowledge on the subject. This time watching it I’ve at least watched a handful of episodes and personally my opinion has not changed in the slightest bit about the film. It was wonderfully shot, the sound is amazing, and the casting was great. Who wouldn’t want to watch an updated, sexier “Trek” movie? I completely agree with the decision to create a alternate timeline for this movie to take place. It’s reasonable to do with a sci-fi universe and then there is mostly no need to have to worry about continuity issues with the original series. I’m sure they stay pretty close to the made up science that they’ve created over the decades.

The sequel to J. J. Abram’s “Star Trek” is currently being worked on and will hopefully be out in 2012. I am in no rush. When film makers have something like this in their hands it is better to take the time and make sure they are making a good product. The last thing we need is another beloved nerd icon being slopped through the mud. *Coughing* Star Wars Prequels *Cough*


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