Misfits: The Best Show You’ve Never Heard About

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of shows coming out of Britain right now. They’re smart, they’re fast paced, and they’re well thought out. The whole basis of shorter seasons sometimes seems to be the way to go. It doesn’t feel like there is ever a filler episode in the whole bunch. Each episode keeps the overall story arc moving along. Now I’ve already talked about the show “Sherlock” and I’d hate to post about another British show so quickly, but I don’t think anyone has heard about “Misfits.”

This is the excerpt that goes along with the first episode:
“Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon are a group of misfits with nothing in common except they all have to do community service. The group get caught in a freak storm on day one, their lives are quickly changed and they discover they have superpowers.”

I initially read this description, shrugged my shoulders,  and said “Meh.” I was probably going to give a try eventually, but I did not have high hopes for it. What did change my outlook was the fact that the show was rated TV-MA. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the show will be fantastic, but it does add the possibility of certain topics that other shows can’t due to rating limitations. Don’t let this episode description fool you, this is not just another superhero show. These twenty-somethings do not discover their powers and decide to make the world a better place. They are introduced as delinquents and the addition of abilities doesn’t change who they are inside immediately. These five are not the only ones with powers in this show and not everyone’s powers are that exceptional. Some have abilities that are more of a curse than a blessing. The show creators have added another level to the just giving random superpowers to the characters. Each character’s power is based on their personality, mostly playing on their innermost desires.

You can tell a lot about a show/movie from the first 5 minutes. There is a nice sequence of slow motion shots of the characters getting ready for their community service. Not only does this start to set the general tone for the show, but gives a good amount of exposition without saying a word. The characters grow on you as the series goes on. This show is funny, dark, and dramatic in all the right places. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and if you’re not careful you’ll end up watching all 13 episodes within the week. I introduced this to my father-in-law while he was in town visiting and it became the only thing we watched while we were in the apartment. He ended up having finishing the series when he got back home.

There have only been two seasons so far, each only six episodes long, and one Christmas special. The new season should be starting sometime within the month. You can find the old episodes on at least Hulu, Hulu Plus, and IMDB, but it should be easy to find if you don’t like those websites. Believe me it’s at least worth watching the first episode, if you’re not hooked by then you won’t enjoy the show as much as I have.


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