“Arrested Development” Back in Development

After 5 long years the Bluth family is finally coming back. This week it has been officially announced that the “Arrested Development” movie is going to happen. In even better news there is going to be a short season (about 9 or 10 episodes) first. This season will serve as a recap as to what the characters have been up to in the 5 years that have passed. I have heard a few different times the new season will premiere, it’s either going to be fall 2012 or the following mid-season. Then the movie will follow, but no release date has been announced.

Oddly enough, I have been watching the old seasons on Netflix for the last couple of weeks and I forgot how funny the show was. If someone were to ask me about the show the answer is obviously that it’s hilarious. It’s just amazing that episodes that I must have watched a dozen times still arise quite a few laughs from me. I think the studio is going about this rebirth in the best way. A few of the actors look different from 5 years ago (and who can blame them). A short season will help recap and judge how hot the show still is. Anyone who has been living under a rock can jump right it and not have to worry about the inside jokes, crossing story lines, and running gags that the show is the best at doing. That had been the biggest criticism about making a movie.

It’s good to see that shows that have a strong following and have been cut down in their prime can be resurrected. Hopefully, the return will be as strong as “Futurama” has been. Shame on you Fox for not knowing great shows when you have them.


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