Why has nobody told me about “Sherlock”?

Since I’m able to watch videos while I work (I do data entry…..I’m not totally slacking off) I’m able to catch up on shows/movies that I normally would not have to time for. All in all it is helping me clean out my Netflix queue. I stumbled across a show that I had kept in my queue for quite some time, but never actually gave a chance to. As Doctor Who is approaching the end the current season I have found myself wanting more from British televesion. On quite a few podcasts I have heard that Steven Moffat also writes for the show “Sherlock.” I remember having this in my queue, but with the Robert Downey Jr. movie I figured it was playing off the popularity and was probably a B-version. Boy, was I wrong.

Watching the opening scene of the pilot “A Study in Pink” I was already hooked. In this version of the classic characters they are brought into modern day. Since it is written by Moffat I then expected to have similar excitement to watching “Doctor Who.” I particularly enjoyed the fact that we are introduced to his attitude and ingenuity through mass texting to an entire room of reporters with Holmes somewhere else entirely. Not only that, but the clever use of subtitles to show what the texts are saying instead of the overused close up shot of a cell phone is brilliant. I appreciate the fact that this doesn’t go away after the first five minutes as quite a few good ideas tend to do in films/tv. This also sets a wonderful tone through its humor and the general tone. The editing is brilliantly executed often mixing multiple layers that usually is only reserved for audio. You feel smarter listening to Holmes and dumber for not being as observant in your everyday life.

My only problem is why didn’t anyone bring this to my attention sooner. I don’t mind stumbling upon these things on my own, but there is nothing better than your friend telling you that you need to watch something that’s really good. It gives a great opportunity to bond further about something that you know is not very widely known. I sometimes ignore a show or movie if I have preconceived notions, but if I’m aware of it and haven’t heard anything one way or another, it’s nice to have that push from a friend.

I watched the first episode (all 3 episodes are around ninety minutes) at work and told my Doctor Who-loving wife that we should watch them at home sometime. Then I got the itch for after maybe 30 minutes. I decided that since I wouldn’t mind watching the first episode a second time I most likely wouldn’t mind watching the other two either. I went on a shameful “Sherlock” binge and watched them all without her. Who knows when she’ll be in the mood to watch them, so I stand by my decision. It definitely is one of the those shows you really can’t walk away from. You just want to ingest all the material you can. Season 2 is slated to run sometime in 2012, so there is no immediate rush to catch up before the new season starts.

By the way, this is the cover they show on Netflix. Not exciting at all. Oh well.


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