Windy City Nerd Manifesto


I am a nerd. Plain and simple. I have been a nerd all my life and I’ve maybe been ashamed of it for a short period in my younger days.  I love all sorts of entertainment. I try to regularly follow TV, comics, movies, and books. I got a degree in Film Sound mostly because I love the medium so much and I’d like to help in the creation of it. I’m starting this blog for a few reasons. As of right now I have not been able to have conversations with my fellow nerdy friends and my opinions are starting to back up in my brain. Secondly, this is for my wife. Sadly, due to this surplus of thoughts they occasionally spill out in our quality time. The problem with this is that probably 75% of the things I want to talk about are not interests that we like to share together. Most of the times it takes me more time to describe all the background than to tell her what I wanted to tell her. Lastly, I was never much for trolling message boards to find an outlet to get these thoughts out of my head, so I apologize right off the top if my posts are inconsistent, infrequent, and maybe not the most eloquent.


Windy City Nerd


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